Marino Chair + Footstool

The Marino brief was to design an archetypal Ercol armchair for the present day, informed by classic Ercol pieces such as the 206 armchair from the 1950s. Techniques traditionally associated with Ercol, such as steam-bending and turning were combined with modern 5-axis CNC machining to create lightweight, strong, elegant frames using a minimum number of components.

Comfort was a key consideration from the outset. Many mock-ups and prototypes were made, ensuring the chair felt good to sit in and to touch, with particular attention paid to the arc and shaped profiles of the steam-bent solid Ash arm. Elasticated webbing and foam and duck feather cushions work with the frame ergonomics to create a welcoming, relaxing sit.

Awarded Design Guild Mark 2016

Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture

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